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Talks – Josef Schadlbauer

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Invited or plenary talks

Registered talks

[1] J. Schadlbauer. The instantaneous screw axis of motions in the kinematic image space. The 7th IFToMM International Workshop on Computational Kinematics 2017, Poitiers, Mai 2017.
[2] J. Schadlbauer. Eine einfache Lösung der Hand-Auge Kalibrierung mittels dualer Quaternionen. Dritte IFToMM D-A-CH 2017, Chemnitz, Februar 2017.
[3] J. Schadlbauer. The construction of spherical pedal curves. ICGG2016, The 17th International Conference of Geometry and Graphics, Beijing, China, August 2016.
[4] J. Schadlbauer. A Recyclable Möbius Strip. ICGG2014, The 16th International Conference of Geometry and Graphics, Innsbruck, Austria, August 2014.
[5] J. Schadlbauer. 2-Wire Planar Positioning of the 4-Bar Coupler Curve via the Kinematic Mapping. The 17th Scientific-Professional Colloquim on Geometry and Graphics, Rastoke, Croatia, August 2013.
[6] J. Schadlbauer. Orthogonality relations for Tetrahedra in Hyperbolic and Elliptic Space. ICGG2012, The 15th International Conference of Geometry and Graphics, Montreal, Canada, August 2012.