1st European Conference
on Mechanism Science

Obergurgl, Austria
February 21–26 2006

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  • Tuesday, Feb 21 is the arrival day. There will be an informal welcome in the evening.
  • Sunday, Feb 26 is the day of departure; no official events are planned for this day.

  Wed, Feb 22 Thu, Feb 23 Fri, Feb 24 Sat, Feb 25
8.15–8.30 opening ceremony      
Chair: Manfred Husty

Chair: Manfred Hiller

Chair: Jean-Pierre Merlet

Chair: Paul Zsombor-Murray
8.30–9.00 Hellmuth Stachel
On Martin Disteli's Main…
Alba Perez Gracia
The Kinematic Synthesis…
Adrian Pisla
A Graphical Simulation System…
Pranchalee Poonyapak
Towards a Predictive Model…
9.00–9.30 Rainer Glöß
Nanometer Precision for…
Uwe Hanke, Song Lin
Synthesis of folding mechanisms…
Doina Pisla
On the Solution of Inverse…
Alexander Borisov
Geometrical Analogues of…
9.30–10.00 Andrés Kecskeméthy
Singularity-free trajectory…
Jacek Uziak
Synthesis Method for the…
Nicolas Andreff
Vision-based Kinematic…
Friedrich Pernkopf
Calibration of a probe on…
coffee break

coffee break

coffee break

coffee break
Chair: Manfred Husty

Chair: Manfred Hiller

Chair: Jean-Pierre Merlet

Chair: Paul Zsombor-Murray
10.30–11.00 Cristina Tavolieri
Pose Determination for a…
Taoufik Mbarek
Synthesis of a new mechanism…
Grigore Gogu
Fully-isotropic Redundantly-actuated…
Burkhard Corves
CAD-based, graphical dimension…
11.00–11.30 Igor Fernandez-Bustos
New Elements For The Solution…
Guido Danieli
Mechanism Able to Reproduce…
Patricia Ben-Horin
A Class of 6-DOF Parallel…
Mikhail Kovalev
On Assur's Structural Groups
11.30–12.00 Erika Ottaviano
Workspace Analysis of RRP…
A First Experimental Comparison…
Gunter Weiß
Singularity Investigation…
Georg Nawratil
New Performance Indices…
lunch break

lunch break and
sight-seeing tour

lunch break

lunch break
Chair: Hellmuth Stachel

Chair: Moshe Shoham

Chair: Andrés Kecskeméthy
16.30–17.00 Paul Zsombor-Murray
David Daney
Calibration of parallel…
Paulo Flores
Computational Simulation…
17.00–17.30 Adolf Karger
Study quadric
Mazen Zein
An Algorithm for Computing…
Dan Savescu
Considerations about Experimental…
17.30–18.00 Adolf Hofmeister
Error workspace analysis…
Tobias Bruckmann
A Modular Controller for…
Omar José Lara
Kinematic Error Analysis…
18.00–18.30 Natalia Maksimenko
Definition of Optimum Tolerances…
Andreas Pott
A Parallel Implementation…
Robert Bicker
The Kinematics of Gear Hobbing
evening 20.00: meeting of the
scientific committee
19.00: conference dinner
farewell party

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