Conference on Geometry: Theory and Applications
CGTA 2019 • 3–7 June • University of Innsbruck, Austria
June 21, 2019: Call for Papers (CAGD Virtual Special Issue)


All conference events, with exception of excursion and conference dinner, will take place at Kaiser-Leopold-Saal, University Innsbruck, Karl-Rahner Platz 3, Innsbruck, Austria.

Monday, June 3Tuesday, June 4Wednesday, June 5Thursday, June 6Friday, June 7

Monday, June 3, 2019

Opening Ceremony

Mon, June 3, 08:30–08:40

Invited Lecture

Mon, June 3, 08:40–09:20
Otto Röschel
Iterative Regularization of n-gons

Contributed Talks

Mon, June 3, 09:25–09:40
Paweł Woźny, Filip Chudy*
Linear-Time Geometric Algorithm for Evaluating Bézier Curves

Mon, June 3, 09:45–10:00
Lisa Groiss*, Bert Jüttler
Approximate Geometric Continuity on Multi-Patch Geometries

Mon, June 3, 10:05–10:20
Alessandro Giust*, Bert Jüttler, Angelos Mantzaflaris
Local Fitting with Hierarchical B-splines

Mon, June 3, 10:25–10:55
Coffee Break

Mon, June 3, 10:55–11:10
Somayeh Kargaran*, Bert Jüttler, Stefan K. Kleiss, Angelos Mantzaflaris, Thomas Takacs
Overlapping Multi-Patch Structures in IGA

Mon, June 3, 11:15–11:30
Emil Molnár
On Reflection Geometry (Axiomatics and Algorithmic Models)

Mon, June 3, 11:35–11:50
Dany Rios*, Bert Jüttler
Planar Domain Segmentation with Neural Networks: Hexagon Case

Mon, June 3, 11:55–12:10
Jan Vršek*, Michal Bizzarri, Miroslav Lávička
Computing projective equivalences of special algebraic varieties

Contributed Talks

Mon, June 3, 14:00–14:15
Marco Paluszny*, Cindy González
A Jaw Bone Visualization Device

Mon, June 3, 14:20–14:35
Gyula Nagy Kem
3-dimensional Constrained Structures Braced by Tensegrities

Minisymposium Interpolation and Approximation

(organized by Marjeta Knez)

Mon, June 3, 14:40–14:55
Rachid Ait-Haddou, Carolina Beccari*, Marie-Laurence Mazure
Interpolation of G1 Data by C1 Sparse Cubic-Like PH Spline Curves

Mon, June 3, 15:00–15:15
Emil Žagar
Arc Length Preserving Interpolation by Low Degree Planar Pythagorean-Hodograph Curves

Mon, June 3, 15:20–15:50
Coffee Break

Mon, June 3, 15:50–16:05
Rida T. Farouki, Francesca Pelosi*, Maria Lucia Sampoli
Optimization of Corner Blending Curves

Mon, June 3, 16:10–16:25
Cesare Bracco*, Oleg Davydov, Carlotta Giannelli, Alessandra Sestini
Fault Detection and Approximation from Scattered Data

Mon, June 3, 16:30–16:45
Jan Grošelj*, Marjeta Knez
On Stable Representations of Reduced Argyris Elements

Mon, June 3, 16:50–17:05
Jan Grošelj, Marjeta Knez*
Splines on Triangulations with a 10-Split

Welcome Party

Mon, June 3, 17:30–19:30

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Invited Lecture

Tue, June 4, 08:40–09:20
Ákos G. Horváth
On Convex Bodies that are Characterizable by Volume Function

Contributed Talks

Tue, June 4, 09:25–09:40
Gerald De Vera*, Susumu Nakata
A Smooth and Locally Supported Implicit Surface

Tue, June 4, 09:45–10:00
Michal Bizzarri, Miroslav Lávička*, Jan Vršek
Approximate Reconstruction of some Classes of Planar Algebraic Curves with Inexact Input

Tue, June 4, 10:05–10:20
Juan G. Alcázar*, Ron Goldman
Recognizing Algebraic Affine Rotation Surfaces

Tue, June 4, 10:25–10:55
Coffee Break

Tue, June 4, 10:55–11:10
Esmeralda Mainar, Juan Manuel Peña, Beatriz Rubio*
Shape Preserving Properties and Algorithms for Weighted φ-Transformed Systems

Minisymposium Differential Geometry

(organized by Zlatko Ervjavec)

Tue, June 4, 11:15–11:30
Zlatko Erjavec
Killing Magnetic Curves in SL(2,R) Geometry

Tue, June 4, 11:35–11:50
Dennis I. Barrett, Claudiu C. Remsing*
A Family of 2D Homogeneous Spaces

Tue, June 4, 11:55–12:10
Željka Milin Šipuš, Ljiljana Primorac Gajčić*, Ivana Protrka
Null-Translation Surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski Space

Invited Lecture

Tue, June 4, 14:00–14:40
Bert Jüttler
Arc Splines in Computational Geometry

Contributed Talks

Tue, June 4, 14:45–15:00
Franciso Chinesta, Jean-Louis Duval, Antonio Falcó, Lucia Hilario*, Nicolás Montés, Marta Covadonga Mora, Enrique Nadal
A Geodesic Approach to the Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD)

Tue, June 4, 15:05–15:20
Csaba Bálint*, Gábor Valasek, Lajos Gergó
Operations on Signed Distance Function Estimates

Tue, June 4, 15:25–15:55
Coffee Break

Contributed Talks

Tue, June 4, 15:55–16:10
Gábor Fábián
Fast and Lightweight Method for Morphing Genus-Zero Meshes

Tue, June 4, 16:15–16:30
Cesare Bracco, Carlotta Giannelli, Mario Kapl*, Rafael Vázquez
Isogeometric Analysis with C1 Hierarchical Splines on Planar Two-Patch Domains

Tue, June 4, 16:35–16:50
Niels Lubbes
A Characterization of the Sphere

Tue, June 4, 16:55–17:10
Paul Zsombor-Murray, Anton Gfrerrer*
Common Normals of Two Ellipses/Ellipsoids and the ``One Hand Clapping Problem''

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Minisymposium Isogeometric Analysis

(organized by Maria Lucia Sampoli)

Wed, June 5, 08:40–08:55
Espen Sande, Carla Manni, Hendrik Speleers*
Sharp Error Estimates for Spline Approximation

Wed, June 5, 09:00–09:15
Antonella Falini*, Bert Jüttler
Multi-Patch Parameterization for Multiply-Connected Planar Domains via Template Segmentation

Wed, June 5, 09:20–09:35
Mario Kapl, Giancarlo Sangalli, Thomas Takacs*
C1 Smooth Multi-Patch Discretizations and Their Application to IGA

Wed, June 5, 09:40–09:55
Mario Kapl, Vito Vitrih*
Isogeometric Multi-Patch Collocation

Wed, June 5, 10:00–10:15
Antonella Falini, Carlotta Giannelli, Tadej Kanduč*, Maria Lucia Sampoli, Alessandra Sestini
IgA-BEM Using Quadratures for HB-Splines

Wed, June 5, 10:20–10:35
Dominik Mokriš*, David Großmann
IGA at MTU: Challenges of Industrialization

Wed, June 5, 10:40–11:10
Coffee Break

Contributed Talks

Wed, June 5, 11:10–11:25
Hans Havlicek*, Rolf Riesinger
Pencilled Regular Parallelisms

Wed, June 5, 11:30–11:45
István Talata
A Generalization of the Six Cylinders Problem

Wed, June 5, 11:50–12:05
Karl-Heinz Brakhage
Planarization of Quadrangles in Surface and Volume Meshes

Excursion and Conference Dinner

Excursion to Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses, conference dinner at Fritznerhof.

Wed, June 5, 14:00–22:00

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Invited Lecture

Thu, June 6, 08:40–09:20
Alessandra Sestini
Recent Advances on Rational Frames Along 3D Polynomial Curves and Their Application to the Design of Rigid Body Motions

Contributed Talks

Thu, June 6, 09:25–09:40
Hartmut Prautzsch
Cutting Edge Refinement

Thu, June 6, 09:45–10:00
Ákos Tóth*, Roland Kunkli
Non-Uniform Triangulation for Image Deformation Using Barycentric Coordinates

Thu, June 6, 10:05–10:20
Michal Bizzarri*, Miroslav Lávička, Zbyněk Šı́r, Jan Vršek
Minkowski Pythagorean Varieties Constructed from Their Normal Spaces

Thu, June 6, 10:25–10:55
Coffee Break

Contributed Talks

Thu, June 6, 10:55–11:10
Georg Grasegger
From Colorings to Motions

Thu, June 6, 11:15–11:30
Jan Legerský
Paradoxical Mobility of K3,3 Revisited

Thu, June 6, 11:35–11:50
Jiayue Qi
How to Avoid Collision of 3D-Realization for Moving Graphs

Thu, June 6, 11:55–12:10
Rimvydas Krasauskas*, Severinas Zubė
Rational Parametrizations of Darboux Cyclides and Their Kinematic Interpretation

Thu, June 6, 12:15–12:30
Matteo Gallet
Moduli Spaces of Curves in Kinematics and Rigidity

Invited Lecture

Thu, June 6, 14:15–14:55
Esmeralda Mainar
Strengths and Weaknesses of Rational and Mixed Trigonometric Models

Minisymposium Special Curves and Surfaces

(organized by Roland Kunkli)

Thu, June 6, 15:00–15:15
Zbyněk Šı́r*, Roman Lávička
Clifford Algebra Preimages of PH Curves

Thu, June 6, 15:20–15:35
Ede Troll*, Miklós Hoffmann
On the Caustics of Developable Surfaces

Thu, June 6, 15:40–16:10
Coffee Break

Thu, June 6, 16:10–16:25
Gunter Weiß*, Anton Gfrerrer
C2- and C3-Biarcs with Conics

Thu, June 6, 16:30–16:45
György Papp*, Ildikó Papp, Roland Kunkli
Construction and Properties of Orthogonally Intersecting Conics in Relationship Visualization

Thu, June 6, 16:50–17:05
Magdalena Skrzypiec
Orthogonal Trajectories of Isoptics and Their Relation to Zeros of Curvature

Thu, June 6, 17:10–17:25
Kinga Kruppa*, Roland Kunkli, Miklós Hoffmann
Geometric Aspects of Rational Envelopes

Friday, June 7, 2019

Invited Lecture

Fri, June 7, 08:40–09:20
Marco Carricato*, Yuanquing Wu
Persistent Submanifolds of SE(3)

Minisymposium Kinematics and Robotics

(organized by Georg Nawratil)

Fri, June 7, 09:25–09:40
Arvin Rasoulzadeh
Variational Path Optimization of Pentapods with a Simple Singularity Variety

Fri, June 7, 09:45–10:00
Zijia Li*, Josef Schicho, Hans-Peter Schröcker
Bond Diagrams of 6R Linkages with the Minimum Number of Bonds

Fri, June 7, 10:05–10:20
Bertold Bongardt
An Analysis of the Dual-Complex Unit Circle with Applications to Line Geometry

Fri, June 7, 10:25–10:55
Coffee Break

Fri, June 7, 10:55–11:10
Ivan Izmestiev
On Four-Bar Linkages, Elliptic Functions, and Flexible Polyhedra

Fri, June 7, 11:15–11:30
Jose Capco*, Manuel Joseph C. Loquias, Saraleen Mae M. Manongsong, Fidel R. Nemenzo
Implementing HUPF Algorithm for 6R/P Manipulators

Fri, June 7, 11:35–11:50
J. M. Selig
Another Map from P7 to the Study Quadric

Contributed Talks

Fri, June 7, 11:55–12:10
Hellmuth Stachel*, Georg Glaeser, Franz Gruber
Moving Conics on Quadrics

Closing Ceremony

Fri, June 7, 12:15–12:30

Post-Conference Event

On Friday, June 7, 2019 at 3pm the valedictory lecture of Manfred Husty, Professor for Geometry, and the inaugural lecture of Hans-Peter Schröcker, Professor for Geometry and Kinematics, will take place at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

These lectures are not part of the CGTA 2019 conference program but all participants are cordially invited to attend.