16th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics
ICGG 2014 • 4 - 8 August • Innsbruck, Austria
Aug 19, 2014 •  Conference photos online


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Program Changes

August 04 2014, 09:28:17
New talk: #219 (Uwe Bäsel: Global Properties of the Closed Relative Motion of Two Planes (in the Plane)), Session TU-2-KL, Aug 05, 15:15–15:40, Room KL.
July 31 2014, 14:44:04
Talk #169 (Daniele Ciminieri, Raphaël Ménard, Guillaume Meunier, Paolo Ciuccarelli: Energetical Streams Visualization Using Interactive Sankey Diagrams) moved to Session WE-1-S7, Aug 06, 11:30–11:55, Room S7.
July 31 2014, 10:31:02
Talk #160 (Fernando Fadon, Enrique Ceron, Francisco Saiz, Raul Pereda, Laida Fadon: Hull Lines Plan. History. Comparison of Methodologies for 3D Model Generation) moved to Session FR-1-S7, Aug 08, 09:10–09:35, Room S7.
July 31 2014, 10:30:41
Talk #199 (Victor Parque, Masakazu Kobayashi, Masatake Higashi: Optimisation of Bundled Routes) has been cancelled.
July 31 2014, 10:29:45
Talk #042 (Yusuke Imai, Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Hiroshi Kawaharada: Hexahedral Mesh Generation Using Adaptive Sampling Based on Sharp Features) moved to Session TH-1-H1, Aug 07, 10:40–11:05, Room H1.
July 31 2014, 10:29:18
Talk #113 (Alejandro Alonso, Min-Hyung Choi: Automatic Range Scan Point Cloud Registration Using Hierarchical Levels and Feature Recognition Filters) has been cancelled.
July 31 2014, 10:28:34
Talk #044 (Hirotaka Suzuki: Control Method of Combined Developable Surface Design by Affine Transformation and Locus) moved to Session TH-1-MS, Aug 07, 10:40–11:05, Room MS.
July 31 2014, 10:27:40
Talk #001 (Martin Pfurner, Josef Schadlbauer, Hans-Peter Schröcker: A Recyclable Möbius Strip) moved to Session TU-3-MS, Aug 05, 17:35–18:00, Room MS.
July 28 2014, 13:05:00
Talk #196 (Tobias Kuhlmann, Daniel Lordick: Iterative Form Finding for the Layout of Irregular Reciprocal Framework Structures) moved to Session TU-2-KL, Aug 05, 14:25–14:50, Room KL.
July 28 2014, 13:04:21
Talk #080 (Francisco González-Quintial, Antonio Sánchez-Parandiet, Javier Barrallo: Freeform Surfaces Adaptation Using Planar Quadrilateral Facets) has been cancelled.


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Plenary Talk
Tuesday, August 05 2014, 9:30–10:45, Room: Kaiser-Leopold Saal, Chair: E. Tsutsumi

09:30–10:15 #216
T. Tachi:
Geometric Design of Rigid Origami and Curved Origami

Tuesday, August 05 2014, 10:50 (return to overview)
Room: H1
Chair: K. Shiina
Room: S6
Chair: B. Han
Room: S7
Chair: M. Kato
Room: MS
Chair: D. Makutėnienė
Room: KL
Chair: O. Röschel
10:50–11:10 #123
E. Tsutsumi, T. Yamamoto, T. Hongo, H. Yano, and K. Suzuki
10:50–11:10 #195
Ai Sakaki and R. Koba
10:50–11:10 #189
P. Rubinowicz
10:50–11:10 #152
S. Gorjanc, H. Halas, and E. Jurkin
10:50–11:10 #093
V. Shelomovskii and S. Nosulya
A Survey on the Spatial Abilities of Pre-University Students – On Scores of Mental Cutting TestsAnalysis for Accessibility to the Convenient Facilities From the ResidencesExploring the Complexity. Digital Turn Towards Geometry in Contemporary Architecture and Urban PlanningIntroducing 3D Modeling Into Geometry Education at Two Technical Faculties at the University of ZagrebModern Book on Geometry
11:15–11:35 #010
D. Kusar and M. Volgemut
11:15–11:35 #050
T. Konishi and S. Kaneko
11:15–11:35 #148
A. Kita and Ai Sakaki
11:15–11:35 #209
M. Mori, H. Tominaga, N. Iida, and K. Hirose
11:15–11:35 #166
M. Barej, S. Hoffmann, Ch. Knief, M. Trautz, and B. Corves
Thirteen Years of MRT – Results, Options and DilemmasNavigation Functions of Pictorial Schematics During the Edo Period With Emphasis on Travel MapsStreet Crime Prevention Through Multidimensional Assessment of Community DesignImage Processing Education in the Department of Information Engineering, College of Industrial Technology – Utilization of…Design and Application Studies for a Cupola Forming Orbital Arrangement of Miura-Ori Basic Units
11:40–12:00 #047
Th. Branoff and M. Dobelis
11:40–12:00 #141
M. Shiraishi, A. Inoue, and M. Shinya
11:40–12:00 #188
K. Czyńska
11:40–12:00 #207
E. Kasatkina, Y. Stepanov, and V. Kaurkin
11:40–12:00 #120
K. Takahashi, T. Tachi, and Y. Yamaguchi
Students' Ability to Model Parts From Various Types of Drawings and the Relationship to Other Measures in Engineering Graphics…Visualization of Travel Time by Transportation Service With Concentric CirclesGeometrical Aspects of City Skyline – Tall Building AnalysisUsing Computer Technologies for Educational Process on Graphic Subjects at MPEIAn Approximation Method of Triangular Mesh Models for Generating Development Diagrams with Creases and Slits
12:05–12:25 #063
A. Takahashi and H. Abe
  12:05–12:25 #205
A. Hast
12:05–12:25 #193
B. Felbrich, D. Lordick, J. Noennig, and S. Wiesenhütter
Evaluation of Spatial Ability by Using a Silhouette of Solid Figure in Graphic Science Education  How to Promote Student Creativity and Learning Using Tutorials in Teaching Graphics and VisualisationExperiments With a Folding Multi-Agent System in the Design of Triangle Mesh Structures
Tuesday, August 05 2014, 2:00 (return to overview)
Room: H1
Chair: H. Suzuki
Room: S6
Chair: K. Suzuki
Room: S7
Chair: B. Odehnal
Room: MS
Chair: M. Šimić Horvath
Room: KL
Chair: T. Tachi
02:00–02:20 #067
R. Migliari and L. Baglioni
02:00–02:20 #118
K. Shiina, S. Arai, and T. Otsu
02:00–02:20 #058
A. Jia, N. Wang, and P. Ruan
02:00–02:20 #127
N.-Ch. Fritsche
02:00–02:20 #043
A. Wiltsche and M. Stavrić
Application of the Cross-Ratio to the Analysis of ArchitectureError Analysis of Problems on Surface Area of an Object Presented in a Three-View Orthographic Drawing as a Part of Mathematics…A Method Study of Rapidly Making Large-Scale Topographic MapReal Life and Real Representation – Educating Along and Across the Boundaries of Geometry and GraphicsRigid Quadrilateral Folding Strategies for Surface Design in Architecture
02:25–02:45 #146
M. Hemmerling and J. Böke
02:25–02:45 #156
D. Makuteniene
02:25–02:45 #037
L. Wang, J.-Y. Zhang, W. Yang, and Q. Fan
02:25–02:45 #157
Z. Ningrong and X. Qinghua
02:25–02:45 #196
T. Kuhlmann and D. Lordick
SunSys – A Case Study on Geometric Complexity in Computational DesignMultivariant Data in Complex Quiz Layout for Computer Engineering GraphicsResearch of Applications on Synchronous Modeling TechnologyResearch and Practice of Engineering Design Training With a Tight Integration Between Design and Engineering GraphicsIterative Form Finding for the Layout of Irregular Reciprocal Framework Structures
02:50–03:10 #074
A. Mazzucchi
02:50–03:10 #051
T. Ohtani and K. Maruya
02:50–03:10 #124
T. Du, Q.-q. Mao, and Q. Du
02:50–03:10 #182
B. Kotarska-Lewandowska
02:50–03:10 #098
P. Cutellic, U. Frick, Th. Grabner, and R. Maleczek
An Open Source Work Flow: A Digital Building Reconstruction and its PresentationUsing Optical Illusion Patterns Affixed to Toy Blocks for Learning Human Errors in Three-Dimensional ProjectionThe Three-Dimensional Modeling and the Finite Element Analysis of the Involute Hyperbolic Arch DamThe Use of Photographs in the Teaching/Learning of Descriptive GeometryAggregation of Polyhedron Modules on a Freeform Surface
03:15–03:35 #062
N. Pisacane
03:15–03:35 #201
L. Guan, H. Liu, C. Wang, and F. Guo
03:15–03:35 #039
R. Motegi, Y. Kanematsu, T. Tsuchida, K. Mikami, and K. Kondo
03:15–03:35 #151
A. Cucakovic, N. Teofilovic, and B. Jovic
03:15–03:35 #219
U. Bäsel
Imagined Space, Real Space. The Curtain of the Theatre and the Central Hall of the Royal Palace of CasertaResearch on the Test Sheet Organization for Engineering GraphicsColor Scheme Scrapbook Using a Character Color Palette TemplateDescriptive Geometry Education by Using Multimedia ToolsGlobal Properties of the Closed Relative Motion of Two Planes (in the Plane)
Tuesday, August 05 2014, 4:20 (return to overview)
Room: H1
Chair: L. Cocchiarella
Room: S6
Chair: T. Du
Room: S7
Chair: D. Lordick
Room: MS
Chair: X. Luo
Room: KL
Chair: N. Wildberger
04:20–04:40 #184
S. Chiarenza
04:20–04:40 #018
Y. Ma, Y. Fu, S. Li, G. Li, and L. Deng
04:20–04:40 #181
V. Cardone and B. Messina
04:20–04:40 #009
A. Mollicone
04:20–04:40 #174
S. Mick and G. Weiß
Geometry and Graphic DesignThe Development of Modeling Tools for Pin-by-Pin Precise Reactor SimulationsA New Condition of Perpendicularity in Isometrical Cavalier ProjectionLogic (Systematic) Vs. Automation (Mechanisms)Fibonacci Triangles and Circle Chains and a Golden Bi-Arc Spiral in Non-Euclidean Planes
04:45–05:05 #056
I. Kuznetsova
04:45–05:05 #089
S. Enghardt, J. Bauch, and F. Henschel
04:45–05:05 #171
J. Correia, M. Costa, A. Guerreiro, and L. Romão
04:45–05:05 #117
I. Honma and K. Kuwabara
04:45–05:05 #213
Z. Kolar-Begović, R. Kolar-Šuper, and V. Volenec
Use of Geometry at Creation or the Analysis of Design and Art ObjectsOn the Geometry of Pseudo-Kossel and Bremsstrahlung InterferencesEyesight Cartographies – Unfolding the Visual SphereAn Educational Trial on Drawing for True Shape by Using Auxiliary View Method Aided With CAD to the Students With Hearing…Geometry of ARH-Quasigroups
05:10–05:30 #179
G. Barczik
05:10–05:30 #203
H. Jankowski and L. Stanberry
05:10–05:30 #019
A. Brailov
05:10–05:30 #137
M. Ilić and M. Stavrić
05:10–05:30 #013
M. Katić Žlepalo
Intruiging Intersections and Useful UnfoldingsVisualising Variability: Confidence Regions in Level Set EstimationThe General Approach to the Solution of Typical Engineering Geometrical ProblemsDeveloping Spatial Ability for Quality Engineering EducationCurves of Centres of Conic Pencils in Pseudo-Euclidean Plane
 05:35–05:55 #082
W. Liu, C. Kong, Q. Niu, and X. Zhou
05:35–05:55 #106
J. Dzwierzynska
05:35–05:55 #001
M. Pfurner, J. Schadlbauer, and H.-P. Schröcker
05:35–05:55 #147
S. Vidak
 An Effectual Offset Algorithm for 3D Curve in Engineering ApplicationThe Representation on the Cylindrical Rotary Surface – Inverse PanoramaA Recyclable Möbius StripExistence and Uniqueness of Centers of Regular Polygons in Some Subclasses of IM-Quasigroups
Plenary Talk
Wednesday, August 06 2014, 8:45–9:30, Room: Kaiser-Leopold Saal, Chair: P. Zsombor-Murray

08:45–9:30 #215
R. Ziegler:
Geometrical Challenges in the Realization of Contemporary Architecture

Wednesday, August 06 2014, 10:15 (return to overview)
Room: H1
Chair: K. Mende
Room: S6
Chair: E. Molnár
Room: S7
Chair: G. Glaeser
Room: MS
Chair: M. Hoffmann
Room: KL
Chair: C. Leopold
10:15–10:35 #006
G. Amoruso, A. Sdegno, and S. Masserano
10:15–10:35 #024
D. Velichová
10:15–10:35 #004
A. Tan, F. Croft Jr., and F. Tan
10:15–10:35 #212
B. Blaschitz
10:15–10:35 #112
B. Han, Y. He, B. Tong, X. Luo, and J. Yang
Perspectival Geometries in the Sacred Mount of OssuccioClassification of Manifolds Resulting as Minkowski Operation Products of Basic Geometric Point SetsSimulating the Construction Process of the Roman Colosseum Using Digital GraphicsGeometric Optimization in Minkowski SpaceThe Research on Graph, Graphics and Graphics Science
10:40–11:00 #167
R. Migliari and J. Romor
10:40–11:00 #077
A. Dvoretsky and T. Denysova
10:40–11:00 #114
L. Cipriani and F. Fantini
10:40–11:00 #096
Ž. Milin-Šipuš and L. Primorac Gajčić
10:40–11:00 #033
M. Kato
Perspective: Theories and Experiments on the “Veduta Vincolata” (Restricted Sight)Caustic Surface and Quasifocal LineThe Geometry Behind the Octagonal Hall of Small Thermal Baths at Hadrian's VillaRuled Surfaces of Constant Slope in 3-Minkowski SpaceCoexistence of Geometry and Geology – Reconsidering Le Corbusier
11:05–11:25 #071
R. Migliari, F. Fallavollita, and M. Salvatore
11:05–11:25 #023
S. Gorjanc and E. Jurkin
11:05–11:25 #026
S. Hao, A. Tan, F. Tan, and F. Croft Jr.
11:05–11:25 #008
G. Weiß and V. De Spinadel
11:05–11:25 #078
G. Caglioti and L. Cocchiarella
The Monge Three Point Space Resection ProblemOn the Special Surfaces Through the Absolute Conic With a Singular Point of the Highest OrderSimulating the Construction of China's Song-Style Dougong Using Digital GraphicsBi-Arc Spirals in Minkowski PlanesA Eulogy of Ambiguity: Between Visual Perception and Quantum Mechanics
11:30–11:50 #206
G. Mele, G. Buratti, and F. Rovo
11:30–11:50 #095
L. Pletenac and Ž. Milin-Šipuš
11:30–11:50 #169
D. Ciminieri, R. Ménard, G. Meunier, and P. Ciuccarelli
11:30–11:50 #035
E. Shonoda and G. Weiß
11:30–11:50 #102
P. Sripian and Y. Yamaguchi
Theory and Practice in the Implementation of Illusionistic Ceiling Painting at Palazzo Moroni in Bergamo ItalyTranslation Surfaces and ApplicationsEnergetical Streams Visualization Using Interactive Sankey DiagramsBrauner's Angle Formula and the Theory of Curves in Minkowski Planes and SpacesAssessment Method for an Edge Alignment Free Hybrid Image
Wednesday, August 06 2014, 2:00 (return to overview)
Room: H1
Chair: S. Mick
Room: S6
Chair: A. Dvoretsky
Room: S7
Chair: M. Husty
Room: MS
Chair: N. Kaygorodtseva
Room: KL
Chair: Ž. Milin-Šipuš
02:00–02:20 #073
A. Alkhaldi and N. Wildberger
02:00–02:20 #046
K. Panchuk and A. Niteyskiy
02:00–02:20 #036
K. Wada and H. Abe
02:00–02:20 #086
G. Valencia García
02:00–02:20 #075
C. Leopold
The Parabola in Universal Hyperbolic Geometry II: Canonical Points and The Y-ConicContact of the Ruled Nondevelopable SurfacesA Study on Morphological Interpretation of the Façade Design and Form Design in ArchitectureA New Focus for Teaching and Learning With Descriptive Geometry's Tutorials Through the WebPerspective Concepts. Exploring Seeing and Representation of Space
02:25–02:45 #038
H. Halas, N. Kovačević, and A. Sliepčević
02:25–02:45 #076
B. Odehnal
02:25–02:45 #129
A. Kulig
02:25–02:45 #005
G. Maresch
02:25–02:45 #025
A. Tan, F. Tan, and F. Croft Jr.
Line Inversion in the Quasi-Hyperbolic PlaneCurvature Functions on a One-Sheeted HyperboloidGeometry of Gothic Vaults Based on Historical SourcesThe Educational Research Project GeodiKon: Pointing Accuracy, Strategies and Gender-Specific EffectsHistorical Perspectives of Perspective
02:50–03:10 #065
A. Sliepčević and I. Božić
02:50–03:10 #049
D. Dunham
02:50–03:10 #187
S. Bertacchi
02:50–03:10 #069
R. Kiss-György
02:50–03:10 #053
D. Calisi
The Analogue of Theorems Related To Wallace-Simson's Line in Quasi-Hyperbolic PlanePatterns on Triply Periodic PolyhedraBrunelleschi's Dome: An Overview Through 3D Digital Model About Geometrical Genesis and Proportional TheoriesSpace Description Problems in the Secondary School (Their Possible Causes and Problem Solving)The Curved Horizon by Leonardo: Towards a New Perspective
03:15–03:35 #003
D. Klawitter
03:15–03:35 #060
J. Katona, E. Molnár, I. Prok, and J. Szirmai
03:15–03:35 #107
S. Mišić, M. Obradović, and G. Đukanović
03:15–03:35 #175
E. Marchetti and L. Rossi-Costa
03:15–03:35 #028
L. Cocchiarella
Null Polarities as Generators of the Projective GroupVisualization With Visibility of Higher Dimensional and Non-Euclidean GeometriesComposite Concave Cupolae as Geometric and Architectural FormsLearn by Eating – An Easy Way to Approach Geometrical and Mathematical AspectsPerspective Between Fiction and Function: Pattern Mutations Through Science and Art
Poster Session (2nd floor)
Wednesday, August 06 2014, 4:20–6:00

04:20–06:00 #218
V. Shelomovskii:
Application DGS GInMA in geometry science and education

04:20–06:00 #121
G. Đukanović, Đ. Đorđević, M. Obradović, S. Mišić:
Application of Curves and Surfaces of Higher Orders Obtained by Inversion in the Practice of Architecture

04:20–06:00 #136
M. Zawidzki, T. Nagakura:
Arm-Z: A Modular Virtual Manipulator

04:20–06:00 #185
A. Zwoliński:
Complexity of Public Spaces System Between Key Tall Buildings in City of Szczecin. Geometrical Aspect of Public Spaces in 3D City Model

04:20–06:00 #020
H. Ebisui:
Ebisui-Simson Theorem

04:20–06:00 #149
T. Matsumoto, K. Yasufuku, H. Abe:
Evaluation of Passing Performance of Self-Driven Particle Through Building

04:20–06:00 #045
D. Korchagin, K. Panchuk:
Forming of the Spline Similar Linear Strip

04:20–06:00 #104
A. Lyashkov, V. Volkov:
The Geometric and Computer Modeling Shaping Technical Surfaces

04:20–06:00 #140
O. Gumen, V. Mileikovskyi:
The Geometrical Approach to Calculation of Boundary Layer Between Flows

04:20–06:00 #217
B. Jovic:
Geometry Education at the University of Belgrade

04:20–06:00 #092
J. Beban-Brkić, M. Šimić Horvath:
Interaction Among Courses

04:20–06:00 #122
E. Rosales, L. Falcón-Morales:
A New Triangle Theorem to Solve the Inverse Kinematics Problem for Characters With Highly Articulated Limbs

04:20–06:00 #021
H. Ebisui:
Regular Triangle Theorems

04:20–06:00 #162
H. Fan, Y. Xiao:
Research on the Application of Two-Dimensional Code Technology in the Drawing Textbooks

04:20–06:00 #115
S. Filipowski:
Several Sources of Shapes

04:20–06:00 #125
G. Rachkovskaya, Y. Kharabayev, N. Rachkovskaya:
Two Possible Variants of Geometrical Model of Constructing Kinematic Surfaces on the Base of Interior Revolving One Axoid by Another One

04:20–06:00 #208
T. Alsarhan, H. Abdelfattah:
The Use of Multi-Media in the Teaching of Educational Unit for the Methods of Altering Some Patterns of Women's Clothing to Overcome the Problem of Fitting

Plenary Talk
Thursday, August 07 2014, 8:45–9:30, Room: Kaiser-Leopold Saal, Chair: G. Weiß

08:45–9:30 #216
D. Rutten:
Navigating Multi-Dimensional Landscapes in Foggy Weather as an Analogy for Generic Problem Solving

Thursday, August 07 2014, 10:15 (return to overview)
Room: H1
Chair: Y. Yamaguchi
Room: S6
Chair: S. Gorjanc
Room: S7
Chair: E. Jurkin
Room: MS
Chair: H. Stachel
Room: KL
Chair: M. Stavrić
10:15–10:35 #055
S. Sinha, L. Nanetti, R. Renken, and G. ter Horst
10:15–10:35 #173
K.-H. Brakhage
10:15–10:35 #054
N. Kaygorodtseva and T. Kaygorodtseva
10:15–10:35 #172
K. Suzuki
10:15–10:35 #143
N. Ando, S. Ishii, N. Yamahata, and A. Shibata
Point in Polygon Via Epi-Hypo Graphs, Homotopy and Hopf's Degree TheoremDynamic Geometry and Website Setup by Automatic Object Recognition of Free-Hand Drawings and ScansLogical-Constructive Teaching Approach to the Theme “Creation of Surfaces”Traditional Descriptive Geometry Education in 3D-CAD/CG EraA Study on the Parametric Architecture – Development of Computer Graphic Materials for Architectural Design Education
10:40–11:00 #042
Y. Imai, H. Hiraoka, and H. Kawaharada
10:40–11:00 #145
H. Tominaga, N. Iida, M. Mori, and K. Hirose
10:40–11:00 #138
M. Nishii and T. Saito
10:40–11:00 #044
H. Suzuki
10:40–11:00 #139
K. Yasufuku
Hexahedral Mesh Generation Using Adaptive Sampling Based on Sharp FeaturesA Research of Multimedia Teaching Materials for 3-Dimension CAD EducationQualitative Investigation on Formative Design Process Using 3D CAD by Industrial DesignersControl Method of Combined Developable Surface Design by Affine Transformation and LocusAnalysis on Sequence of Architectural Space by Using VR Walk-Through System
11:05–11:25 #032
C. Devahastin Na Ayudhya and P. Kanongchaiyos
11:05–11:25 #204
V. Čmelková
11:05–11:25 #101
A. Cucakovic, M. Dragovic, L. Lazarevic, and D. Nedeljkovic
11:05–11:25 #197
S. Nagashima
11:05–11:25 #164
D. Lordick
Improvement of Quadric Error Metric Mesh Simplification by Reeb-Graph-Based Topological InformationThe Aid of GeoGebra to Teach and Learn Descriptive Geometry at the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and…On the Role of Circular Sections of Quadric Surfaces. The Elaboration of the Topic by Two Creative Geometric Student's TasksSome Cases Using Descriptive Geometry in Various CoursesThe Generation of a Non-Linear Perspective for a Mural by Means of UV Mapping
Friday, August 08 2014, 8:45 (return to overview)
Room: H1
Chair: A. Cucakovic
Room: S6
Chair: L. Guan
Room: S7
Chair: I. Taras
Room: MS
Chair: V. Shelomovskii
Room: KL
Chair: K. Panchuk
08:45–09:05 #072
H. Kager, M. Rickenbacher, and A. Roncat
08:45–09:05 #007
H. Yu, Y. He, and Y. Wang
08:45–09:05 #040
N. Tsuruta, J. Mitani, Y. Kanamori, and Y. Fukui
08:45–09:05 #030
V. De Spinadel
08:45–09:05 #002
G. Nawratil
The Geometry of the “Prospect Geometrique” by Micheli Du Crest (1754) – a Quantitative Analysis Within a Hybrid Least-Squares…Evaluation on Triangle-Triangle Intersection Tests AlgorithmsEnumeration of Deltahedral Graphs With up to 10 VerticesGeneralized Metallic Means FamilyCongruent Stewart Gough Platforms With Non-Translational Self-Motions
09:10–09:30 #015
G. Colagreco, H. Ortale, and G. Weiß
09:10–09:30 #083
M. Bornemann, S. Melzer, and D. Lordick
09:10–09:30 #160
F. Fadon, E. Ceron, F. Saiz, R. Pereda, and L. Fadon
09:10–09:30 #016
A. Pavillet
09:10–09:30 #190
Y. Klett and P. Middendorf
Trullis – Architectural ArchetypesAutomated High Precision Texturing of 3D-ScansHull Lines Plan. History. Comparison of Methodologies for 3D Model GenerationThe Incircle Hyperboloid and Ellipsoid of the Conjugate Pavillet TetrahedraKinematic Exploration of 1-Dof Origami Mechanisms
09:35–09:55 #059
M. Lapaine
09:35–09:55 #119
S. Iwasawa and Y. Kawaguchi
09:35–09:55 #084
F. Perez
09:35–09:55 #154
P. Pech
09:35–09:55 #034
A. Sokas
Map Projection of the World Map by Leonardo Da VinciGenerating the GROWTH Model Geometry Based on the Human PostureModeling of Ship Hulls With NURBS Curves and SurfacesOn 3D Extension of the Simson-Wallace TheoremGeometry and Fuzzy Navigation System for Virtual Robot in the Drawing Environment
 10:00–10:20 #110
S. Cho, H. Sato, and H. Yoshii
  10:00–10:20 #041
O. Röschel
 On Method of Producing a Deformed Small Figure Based on an Actual Person's Body  Overconstrained Mechanisms Based on Special Planar Chains
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Room: H1
Chair: D. Velichová
Room: S6
Chair: A. Wiltsche
Room: S7
Chair: F. Croft Jr.
Room: MS
Chair: P. Pech
Room: KL
Chair: M. Husty
11:05–11:25 #170
M. Hoffmann, I. Juhász, and G. Károlyi
11:05–11:25 #150
I. Tanaka
11:05–11:25 #068
S. Parrinello and S. Bertacchi
11:05–11:25 #014
M. Manevich, E. Itskovich, and N. Shvalb
11:05–11:25 #165
H. Stachel, G. Figliolini, and J. Angeles
On a Class of Generalized Bézier Curves With Two Exponential Shape ParametersA Self Checking CAD Tool for Mechanical Drawings in Introductory CoursesGeometry as a Tool for the Design of Military Architecture: The Experience of Giovanni Battista AntonelliSelf-Repeating Trajectories of Light RaysA Study on Spatial Cycloid Gearing
11:30–11:50 #153
I. Taras
11:30–11:50 #031
Z. Wang, C. Hu, and M. Li
11:30–11:50 #192
A. Roncat
11:30–11:50 #061
M. Sejfried
11:30–11:50 #135
M. Zawidzki and T. Nagakura
Parametric Approach to Data Interpolating Curves Using the Sum of Bell-Shaped FunctionsStudy on Three-Dimensional Visualization of the Cable-Stayed BridgeVisualizing Normal Equations in Least-Squares AdjustmentThe Locus-Function of the Perspective CircleFoldable Truss-Z Module
11:55–12:15 #099
M. Hünniger
11:55–12:15 #111
V. Volkov, O. Ilyasova, and M. Chizhik
11:55–12:15 #155
C. Palestini
11:55–12:15 #094
V. Shelomovskii
11:55–12:15 #017
J. Cervantes-Sánchez and P. Zsombor-Murray
Computing the Higher Dimensional Delaunay-Decomposition Using Depth-First-SearchMethodological Bases of Geometric Modeling Multifactorial ProcessesGeometric Shapes That Generate Architectural FormsSejfriedian: Existence, Uniqueness, Constructing and the Proof of PropertiesKinematics of a Mobile Overconstrained RRRCR Loop