1st European Conference
on Mechanism Science

Obergurgl, Austria
February 21–26 2006

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Instructions for Authors

The conference proceedings will be published on a CD-ROM. Contributions shall be sent in PDF format by email to

Note: If sending by email is not possible, we kindly ask you to provide means for downloading your paper. If this is not possible either, we can provide an upload possibility. In any case, contact us via

The new time schedule is as follows:

Nov 15, 2005: submission of full paper
Jan 1, 2006: notification of acceptance
Jan 15, 2006: submission of final paper

Note: The deadline for submitting the final article has been extended to Feb 1, 2006.

Note: The deadline for submitting the full paper has been extended. Therefore, it differs from the deadline given in the first announcement.

Manuscript preparation

Papers are to be prepared in PDF format.

Please note that we can only accept articles if

  • the article length does not exceed twelve pages and
  • at least one of the authors attends the conference (of course you are free to register only after your paper has been accepted).

We kindly ask you to use LaTeX for preparing your contribution.

We have prepared a zip-archive containing the following files:

  • eucomes.cls: LaTeX-class file
  • eucomes-sample.tex: Sample paper typeset using eucomes.cls
  • eucomes-sample.pdf: Sample paper in PDF-Format
  • template.tex: A template file as a starting point for your contribution.
  • eucomes.bib, hyperboloids.eps, hyperboloids.pdf: Auxiliary files needed for typesetting eucomes-sample.tex

If it is not possible to use LaTeX, you may also use other typesetting systems. In this case, use our sample paper eucomes-sample.pdf as a template. We also provide a template in Microsoft Word format.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact

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