Sunday, June 24 
18:00–Welcome party
Monday, June 25 
8:30–9:00Opening ceremony
ChairB. Roth
9:00–9:20The Dual Generalized Inverses and Their Applications in Kinematic Synthesis
J. Angeles
9:20–9:40On the Twist Recovery Methodologies after Failure
L. Notash
9:40–10:00A Loop-Based Approach for Rigid Subchain Identification in General Mechanisms
S. Xia, H. Ding, A. Kecskemethy
10:00–10:20Self-Motions of Planar Projective Stewart Gough Platforms
G. Nawratil
10:20–10:40Asymptotic Singularities of Planar Parallel 3-RPR Manipulators
M. Coste
10:40–11:00Coffee break
ChairPh. Wenger
11:00–11:20Classification of the Singularity Loci of m-n Fully-Parallel Manipulators
R. Di Gregorio
11:20–11:40Compensation of Compliance Errors in Parallel Manipulators Composed of Non-perfect Kinematic Chains
A. Klimchik, A. Pashkevich, D. Chablat, G. Hovland
11:40–12:00Motion Planning of the Multi-Bar System: The Imbalanced Jacobian Algorithm
J. Jakubiak, K. Tchoń, M. Janiak
12:00–12:20Robotic Fish Kinetics Design Based on a Fuzzy Control
P.-J. Lee, W.-J. Wang
12:20–15:00Lunch break
ChairJ. Angeles
15:00–15:20Self-Calibration of Redundantly Actuated PKM Based on Motion Reversal Points
A. Müller, M. Ruggiu
15:20–15:40Trajectory Planning for Systems with Homotopy Class Constraints
S. Kim, K. Sreenath, S. Bhattacharya, V. Kumar
15:40–16:00Validation of a Power Grasping Algorithm for an Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand on the Basis of Human Grasping Action
F. Cordella, L. Zollo, A. Salerno, E. Guglielmelli, B. Siciliano
16:00–16:20On the Vertical Darboux Motion
C.-C. Lee, J. M. Hervé
16:20–16:40Kinematic Analysis of a Planar Tensegrity Mechanism for Wave Energy Harvesting
R. Vasquez, C. D. Crane III, J. C. Correa
16:40–17:00Coffee break
ChairA. Kecskeméthy
17:00–17:20Motion Planning for Parallel Robots with Non-Holonomic Joints
K. Tchoń, J. Jakubiak, P. Grosch, F. Thomas
17:20–17:40Synthesis of a Family of Regular Deployable Polyhedral Mechanisms (DPMs)
G. Wei, J. S. Dai
17:40–18:00Type Synthesis of Binary Actuated Parallel Mechanisms
D. Schütz, R. J. Ellwood, A. Raatz, J. Hesselbach
18:00–18:20Biokinematic Study of Barn Owl Head Movements for the Development of a Bio-Inspired Active Vision Robotic System
O. Barzilay, Y. Gutfreund, A. Wolf
18:30–20:00Meeting TC Computational Kinematics
Tuesday, June 26 
ChairO. Khatib
9:00–9:20Persistent Screw Systems of Dimension Four
M. Carricato
9:20–9:40Simplified Voronoi Diagrams for Motion Planning of Quadratically-Solvable Gough-Stewart platforms
R. Vaca, J. Aranda, F. Thomas
9:40–10:00Dynamic Capabilities of a Parallel Robot Based Routing Machine
J. Corral, C. Pinto, F. J. Campa, O. Altuzarra
10:00–10:20Kinematic Synthesis of Multi-Fingered Robotic Hands for Finite and Infinitesimal Tasks
E. Simo-Serra, A. Perez-Gracia, H. Moon, N. Robson
10:20–10:40Inverse Kinematics Solver for Android Faces with Elastic Skin
E. Magtanong, A. Yamaguchi, K. Takemura, J. Takamatsu, T. Ogasawara
10:40–11:00Coffee break
ChairJ. M. McCarthy
11:00–11:20Decomposing Envelopes of Rational Hypersurfaces
T. Schulz, B. Jüttler
11:20–11:40Influence of Pulley Kinematics on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
A. Pott
11:40–12:00Fast Approximate Implicitization of Envelope Curves Using Chebyshev Polynomials
O. J. D. Barrowclough, B. Jüttler, T. Schulz
12:00–12:20Construction of Overconstrained Linkages by Factorization of Rational Motions
G. Hegedűs, J. Schicho, H.-P. Schröcker
12:20–15:00Lunch break
ChairV. Parenti-Castelli
15:00–15:20Bond Theory and Closed 5R Linkages
G. Hegedűs, J. Schicho, H.-P. Schröcker
15:20–15:40Kinematics of an Overconstrained 6R Linkage with 2-Fold Rotational Symmetry
K. Zhang, J. S. Dai
15:40–16:00Design and Control Strategies of a Redundant Suspended Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
J. Lamaury, M. Gouttefarde, M. Michelin, O. Tempier
16:00–16:20Planning Singularity-Free Force-Feasible Paths on the Stewart Platform
O. Bohigas, M. Manubens, L. Ros
16:20–16:40Orientation Capability of 3-RPSR Parallel Mechanism for Movable-Die Drive Mechanism of Pipe Bender
Y. Takeda, S. Inada, D. Matsuura, K. Hirose, K. Ichiryu
16:40–17:00Coffee break
ChairB. Siciliano
17:00–17:20Investigation of a Cable-Driven Parallel Mechanism for Interaction with a Variety of Surfaces, Applied to the Cleaning of Free-Form Buildings
K. H. J. Voss, V. Van der Wijk, J. L. Herder
17:20–17:40Auto Calibration Method for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Using Force Sensors
P. Miermeister, A. Pott
17:40–18:00Protein Folding Pathways Implementing Dihedral Angle Variable Speed
M. Diez, V. Petuya, M. Urizar, A. Hernández
18:00–18:20Sufficient Conditions for the Mobility of Overconstrained Mechanisms
R. Bartkowiak, C. Woernle
19:00Meeting Scientific Committee ARK
Wednesday, June 27 
ChairF. Park
9:00–9:20Some Rigid-Body Constraint Varieties Generated by Linkages
J. M. Selig
9:20–9:40Constraint-Consistent Analysis of Muscle Force Contributions to Human Gait
E. Demircan, O. Khatib
9:40–10:00Inherently Balanced 4R Four-Bar Based Linkages
V. Van der Wijk, J. L. Herder
10:00–10:20Integrated Type And Dimensional Synthesis of Planar Four-Bar Mechanisms
T. J. Luu, M. J. D. Hayes
10:20–10:40Positional Workspace Boundary for Serial Manipulators with Revolute Joints
C. S. Borcea, I. Streinu
10:40–11:00Coffee break
ChairM. Stanisic
11:00–11:20Kinematics Analysis of a Parallel Surgical Robot
A. Szilaghyi, A. Stoica, D. Pisla, C. Vaida, N. Plitea
11:20–11:40Constraint Singularity-Free Design of the IRSBot-2
C. Germain, S. Briot, S. Caro, P. Wenger
11:40–12:00Human Muscle Fatigue Model in Dynamic Motions
R. Ma, D. Chablat, F. Bennis, L. Ma
12:00–12:20Solution Regions in the Parameter Space of a 3-RRR Decoupled Robot for a Prescribed Workspace
D. Chablat, G. Moroz, V. Arakelian, S. Briot, P. Wenger
12:20–13:30Lunch break
afternoonvisits to Innsbruck and surroundings
18:00–conference dinner at Ambras Castle
Thursday, June 28 
ChairF. Thomas
9:00–9:20Inverse Geometrico-Static Analysis of Under-Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Four Cables
M. Carricato, G. Abbasnejad, D. Walter
9:20–9:40The Kinematotropic 3-CPU Parallel Robot: Analysis of Mobility and Reconfigurability Aspects
L. Carbonari, M. Callegari
9:40–10:00A Planar Compliant Mechanism with RRP Mobilities Based on the Singularity Analysis of a 3-US Parallel Mechanism
L. Rubbert, S. Caro, P. Renaud, J. Gangloff
10:00–10:20Velocity Level Kinematic Analysis of Serial nA-Chains
J. D. Robinson, M. J. D. Hayes
10:20–10:40Singular Manifold of the General Hexagonal Stewart Platform Manipulator
V. Shanker, S. Bandyopadhyay
10:40–11:00Coffee break
ChairJ. Lenarčič
11:00–11:20Managing the Redundancy of N-1 Wire-Driven Parallel Robots
J.-P. Merlet
11:20–11:40Dynamics of the Upper Limb with a Detailed Model for the Shoulder
J. Ambrósio, C. Quental, J. Folgado, J. Monteiro
11:40–12:00Inverse Kinematics for the Control of Hyper-Redundant Binary Mechanisms with Application to Solar Concentrator Mirrors
A. M. Bilton, S. Dubowsky
12:00–12:20Mobile Robot Movement Primitives That Take into Account the Cost of Control
S. Lee, F. C. Park
12:20–12:40Synthesis of Spatial CC Dyads and 4C Mechanisms for Pick & Place Tasks with Guiding Locations
P. Larochelle
12:40–13:00On the Role of Passive Structures in the Knee Loaded Motion
N. Sancisi, V. Parenti-Castelli
17:00–Farewell party